The eyes are captivated by art, design and the energy that surrounds us…


Welcome to Mikaeli Graphics and Creations where your vision is captured and created. I have assembled a site that contains anything related to art, whether they are print ads, digital arts or fine arts. Mikaeli Graphics and Creations is opening another door to environmental design such as the rebirth of old furniture which I have called “Renaissance Ville,” a place of rebirth, a new transformation, a place of true fulfillment that is captured in your environment. I would like to add a spark to your living space.

The rebirth (renaissance) piece of furniture can come alive again but with a purpose to ensure better inspiring energy to your home.  As humans, we strive for positive energy that leads us to a place of transformation to renew our souls and become the words we read. Whether these words are from scriptures and or quotes of wisdom.  Sometimes our soul needs to be renewed as well as our environment.  Our vision is to create a peaceful space that is a daily reminder for the rebirth of transformation to take place.  The rebirth in our soul also takes part in our vision that leads us to our environment of peace, success, hope, faith and many more inspirations. Let your positive thoughts be captured as a visual in your daily life.

If you have any old furniture that needs a new transformation or perhaps you are seeking a complete environmental design make over, please feel free to contact me and allow me to make your vision be seen within your environment.




Below are some inspirational pieces I have assembled so far    


dresser5x2          lamp-standnigh-stand


 “Art is spoken thru your vision & soul.”-Jennifer Mikaeli


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