Mikaeli Graphics & Creations

As long as I can remember, I have always had a great imagination and I decided to use my imagination on paper, canvas then onto the computer. I love design, because I believe every concept of my life is evolved through design.

Each project that I am given (depending on deadline) I tend to use my time effectively in coming up with new innovative ideas/concepts. I like to “think outside the box.” When it comes to company branding such as logos and such I focus on the company itself and do my necessary research to create an identity package, ads, or flyers that best suits the company. The same rule applies to all my creations whether graphics/ads, digital, or fine arts.

Spending time with my clients and focusing on their desired goal is my mission to create art that will be fulfilling for both parties.

My Style of Art/Creation

I started off with sketching and painting by using medians such as; pencil, ink, charcoal, acrylic and oil.  The fine art contains paintings/mix media, Sketching, and mirrors (wall hangings) which is something I simply enjoy doing because I have more freedom to be the most creative.

My style of painting is considered mixed media. I like using objects and applying them to my paintings to make each painting unique and one of a kind. I tend to use jewelry, gem stones, fabrics, newsprint and among other objects that visually appeal to me. Since I love jewelry and fashion I tend to use those in my paintings and also corporate other media’s depending on the project.

How Art Became My Passion

My background is art and has created an interesting journey in my life. I am also looking into digital arts, which has taken an exciting journey in my life.

I hope that you will enjoy surfing through my website!

My Resume


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